ISTC 702 - Summer 2008 - Educational Technology and Leadership Wiki


If you don't really know what a wiki is (I wasn't sure!) try this video from Teacher Tube. I found it to be VERY helpful!

This is the site where the groups will build their wiki pages. The concept is much like that of Wikipedia- as a group of "experts" you will participate in building pages that demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the various topics presented in the ISTC 702 course. This is a protected wiki site - that is only students whom I have invited can contribute and edit pages - but ANYONE in the public can view the content.

A word about the tools for this wiki - the time and date of your participation will be captured and recorded in the "history" section of the site. This is a way that your fellow group members and I can track your participation. You can edit anyone's posting as well as add or delete material of your choosing. Take note of the editor button bar above - you can add links to other websites or to spaces in your pages. You can also upload graphic files, audio files, presentations and documents. You can also upload or link to videos (suc as YouTube or TeacherTube). Just be sure that any material you're adding either has an active link or has some form of citation.

Hey, Teacher! What Do You Want Us to Do with this Thing?

After you have contributed to the forums on the specific topics in your Blackboard group Discussion Forum, I want you to come here to summarize/document/share what you've discussed and learned from the readings and each other. Since there will be at least 3 wiki pages in each group, you may want to volunteer or "appoint" one or two people from your individual group to capture the essence of your forum discussion in the appropriate wiki page. This way, 8 people won't have to be concerned each week with contributing to the wiki - only 1 or2 from each group - and the work can be distributed more evenly. HOWEVER, each person may want to "check in" to make sure that the wiki page is a good representation of the groups' discussion. ANYONE in the class can edit any of these pages at any time.

Have Fun!