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  • We can't expect digital immigrants to make this change before they were given times and opportunities to change themselves at the first place.
  • Digital immigrants just don't realize how captivating gaming is. It has the potential to completely change education for the better.
  • Today's classrooms need to reflect the digital age our students are used to by incorporating more technology.
  • I think that it would help if there was more dialog at school about the implementation of technology.
  • We as teachers need to embrace the new technology culture and immerse our students in the language and usage.
  • We need to find ways to combine the curriculum with the learning style and technology of the students.
  • Staff development for technology should be mandatory in every work environment, should be conducted in a motivating way, and should be positive and repetitious.
  • It’s important that teachers play a prominent role in this change in order for students to be prepared for what’s to come in higher education and the global digital workplace.
  • The one thing that stuck out the most to me was the fact that the technology plan should be developed based on what everyone in the school should be able to do with technology. Goals and outcomes need to be outlined first, and then a decision should be made about what types of technology and how much should be purchased.
  • The new generation's thinking and learning styles are very different than the past generations because of the digital environment they are exposed to.
Educational Technology and Change? Maybe we can start by admitting that new generetion is different!!!
They are the products of digital age, they are exposed to digitial tools since birth. The way they learn is different!
Therfore their education should be different in order to reach them.

Educational Technology and Change

Technology: Skills, methods, tools, machines and other things used to perform activities. Technology changes over time and affects the way we live, work, and play.
Grade 2 Lesson Plan about Technology

What is Technology? by Susan Ring. NY: Newbridge Educational Publishing, 1999. ISBN 1-58273-119-5
Literature Annotation: Technology is explained and explored in this book. Included are examples of ways that technology is forever changing and improving the way we live. (This book is also published as a big book.)

And, we should never think that it will be this easy:

There will be mistakes during technology integration especially when you have 'digitial immigrants' like the one in this cartoon.

laptopmood.jpg - This is an article from The Educational Technology Journal titled A Roadmap for Change.The article relates how the change in technology and its required skills now need a change in curriculum. The article addresses the fine line between adapting the change while still covering the curriculum with good teaching methods.

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Technology Integration Flowchart
New Technology cartoon
New Technology cartoon

Our educators must embrace the new language of technology in order to better serve our students today.

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Students are using techology in all aspects of their lives. We need to make sure that they "participate in the world as it is"
Three Phases of Educational Technology


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New problems arise as technology useage in schools increases.